Special Issue: Are Active Self-Care Complementary and Integrative Therapies Effective for Management of Chronic Pain?

By: Buckenmaier C III, Cindy Crawford, Courtney Lee, Schoomaker E
Publication Name: Pain Medicine
Year: 2014
Citation: April 2014, Volume 15, Issue Supplement S1, Pages S1-S113
Type: Special Issue

The Army Surgeon General’s Pain Management Task Force (PMTF) and Institute of Medicine identify and recommend active self-care complementary and integrative (ACT-CIM) therapies that require minimal training, and can be practiced by patients on their own.  While research exists regarding these modalities, questions surrounding efficacy and safety still need to be addressed.  As such, a systematic review was conducted using Samueli Institute’s rapid evidence assessment of the literature process to:

  1. Rigorously assess the quantity, quality, efficacy, effectiveness and safety of ACT-CIM modalities identified by the PMTF as well as additional ACT-CIM modalities identified by the authors, for the management of chronic pain symptoms.  
  2. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in the literature for each modality. 
  3. Assemble a diverse group of subject matter experts from various backgrounds to discuss recommendations for next steps in research, as well as challenges and barriers to operationalizing and implementing the ACT-CIM approaches identified as most promising for chronic pain management.