April 28, 2020

New Patient and Clinician Resource Platform for Integrative Health

An expanded set of resources is now available to help patients and clinicians interested in an integrative health approach to care. Housed on DrWayneJonas.com’s website, the portal is search-friendly and offers free access to all resources.

“Under the work of the Samueli Institute, we had amassed a great research library. However, we needed to make those resources more accessible for patients, caregivers and their health care teams,” said Wayne Jonas, MD, Executive Director of Samueli Foundation Integrative Health Programs.

The original research library is still available on the Samueli Foundation site but many may find the new resources, more patient-friendly. The content includes pocket guides noting the state of the evidence and clinical use of many integrative health modalities including: acupuncture, art therapy, bioenergy medicine, breathwork, chiropractic care, Functional Medicine; guided imagery, homeopathy, massage therapy, Mediterranean diet, moving meditations (Tai Chi and Qigong), music therapy, nutritional counseling, placebo, supplements, and therapeutic yoga.

Additionally, Patient guides are available for some of the top health concerns including:

  • Healthy Aging
  • Breast Cancer
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Hypertension
  • Fertility
  • Mind-Body medicine for Pain
  • Journaling through Pain and Trauma

All tools and resources are available for download at https://drwaynejonas.com/resources/.