May 31, 2022

JAMA Health Affairs Publishes Integrated Framework for Achieving National Health Goals

A new commentary published in JAMA Health Affairs by Bryant Adibe, MD, and Wayne Jonas, MD, Executive Director, Integrative Health Programs, introducing a new model of health-care delivery designed to address the causes of our nation’s health decline. The model reframes our focus and describes the operational processes needed for promoting health and lowering costs in the health-care system.

This framework rebalances our current disease-focused approach with one that is person-centered, relationship-based, and recovery-focused. An emphasis on person-centered care and relationships with patients are the distinguishing characteristics of the model and the feature most likely to produce positive results in population health and lowering costs. The model describes the specific roles, services, and workforce needed to implement this type of care. How does it work?

Read the May 2022 issue of JAMA Health Affairs to learn more.