Integrative Health

Integrative health is the pursuit of personal health and well-being foremost, while addressing disease as needed, with the support of a trans-disciplinary health team dedicated to all clinically proven approaches – conventional medicine, complementary & alternative medicine and lifestyle/self-care.

In funding integrative health-based initiatives and organizations, the Samueli Foundation’s top priorities are to:

  • Support programs promoting alternative and integrative medicine
  • Utilize creative and innovative approaches to education, prevention, treatment and research of disease and illness
  • Support programs promoting alternative and integrative medicine

Samueli Integrative Health Programs

Under the leadership of physician, researcher and author Wayne B. Jonas, MD, Samueli Integrative Health Programs is a new effort to help physicians and patients with information and resources that add health back into health care. is a new platform that empowers patients and doctors by providing solutions to enhance health, prevent disease, and relieve chronic pain. Samueli Integrative Health Programs will increase awareness and access to integrative health.

Access the Research Archive

Founded in 2001 by Susan and Henry Samueli, Samueli Institute advanced the science of healing worldwide by applying academic rigor to research on healing, well-being and resilience. Until it ceased research and programmatic operations in 2016, Samueli Institute researchers produced nearly 700 peer-reviewed journal articles, supplements and book chapters, many of which are available in the research archive.

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