Within the educational funding area, the Samueli Foundation’s top priorities are to:

  • Promote excellence in the field of engineering in higher education, primarily in Southern California.
  • Provide all students access to quality education.

STEM Learning

A particular focus of the Samueli Foundation’s work in the education arena is to stimulate interest in preK-12 students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) coursework, research, and careers through integration of technology and innovative teaching methods. Today, much of this work is being carried out through deep involvement locally with the Orange County STEM Initiative and nationally and globally through the STEM Funders Network and the STEM Ecosystems Initiative . These efforts were born through the dedication and collaboration of thought leaders around the concepts developed at the STEM Summit in 2010 and STEM Learning is Everywhere Convocation in 2014. To learn more about these milestone events, more information and summary reports are available at the links provided below:

Featured Partners & Projects

UCLA Samueli School of Engineering

The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science includes more than 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students and 190 full-time faculty members. Established in 1945, UCLA Samueli is known as the birthplace of the internet, and where countless other fields took some of their first steps — from artificial intelligence to reverse osmosis, from mobile communications to human prosthetics. Learn more here.

UCI Samueli School of Engineering

Founded in 1965, the Henry Samueli School of Engineering educates more than 4,600 students (3,728 undergraduates and 961 graduates) with an integrative approach that blends fundamentals, research and hands-on experience. The school’s aim is to unleash innovation, create opportunities and inspire ingenuity. The Samueli School’s faculty members are leaders in their disciplines who have achieved worldwide recognition for their research and dedicated teaching. The school includes six academic departments: biomedical engineering; chemical and biomolecular engineering; civil and environmental engineering; electrical engineering and computer science; materials science and engineering; and mechanical and aerospace engineering. Learn more here.

Susan & Henry Samueli Engineering and Health Research Endowment and Susan & Henry Samueli Engineering Building at Tel Aviv University (TAU)

The Samueli Foundation established the Susan & Henry Samueli Engineering and Health Research Endowment and Susan & Henry Samueli Engineering Building at TAU (Tel Aviv University), a both far-reaching and ambitious projects that represent the convergence of “industry, philanthropy and Jewish values,” according to TAU President Ariel Porat. Learn more here.