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May 31, 2022

JAMA Health Affairs Publishes Integrated Framework for Achieving National Health Goals

A new commentary published in JAMA Health Affairs by Bryant Adibe, MD, and Wayne Jonas, MD, Executive Director, Integrative Health Programs, introducing a new model of health-care delivery designed to address the causes of our nation’s health decline. The model reframes our focus and describes the operational processes needed for promoting health and lowering costs in the health-care system.

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March 10, 2022

4 U.S. health care systems reduce costs, improve patient experience by delivering integrative care

U.S. health care systems and clinics report reducing costs, improving patient experience and health, while enhancing clinician wellbeing by delivering integrative care, according to a new white paper published by The Family Medicine Education Consortium and Samueli Foundation. The Case for Delivering Whole-Person Health Care details how shifting treatment practices to a whole-person approach that integrates evidence-based conventional medicine, non-drug treatments, and self-care can help achieve far-reaching systemic improvements.

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December 1, 2020

Course on Chronic Pain Management Now Available Online

A new certification in Integrative Approaches to Chronic Pain Management is now available for physicians, clinical psychologists and other health care providers. This course offers new tools and new ways of thinking about chronic pain. It addresses the dissatisfaction of both patients and clinicians who are frustrated with current approaches to chronic pain. The course and the associated educational credits are available for free through the partnership with the Samueli Foundation.

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